November 9 ~ Aesop's Kids Reading Club / Baking Challenge

Join us on Saturday, November 9 at 3pm for a very special Aesop's Kid Reading Club event! For this month's selection, the book is Midsummer's Mayhem and we are delighted to have author Rajani LaRocca join us for our discussion as well as to be a judge in our Baking Competition based on the novel, along with Gaetano from Gaetano's Bakery and Aesop's own Leah!


Baking Competition Rules

  1. Save the Date (November 9 ~ 3pm)
  2. Read Midsummer’s Mayhem for inspiration and answer clue below
  3. Visit for more details and to register
  4. Start Baking!
Clue: To add aroma, color, taste to food, we travel far, and gladly pay the price. We find blends custom-made for any mood. For interesting baking, just add _____!


50% Taste
20% Presentation
20% Use of Secret Ingredient
10% Creativity


If you are entering the baking competition, please ensure you provide a complete list of ingredients and deliver your creations at 3pm on the day of the competition. If you are joining as a taster, you need do nothing but bring your appetite! Rajani will begin her discussion at 3:30pm and judging will begin at 4pm.

This event is FREE and open to the community! To reserve a seat, please register online or if you prefer, give us a call or stop in the store and let us know you plan to come!