Terra Nova by Henriette Lazaridis

So excited to get my hands on Terra Nova by Henriette Lazaridis! I literally couldn’t put it down! Historical fiction is my personal favorite, but I’ve recently found the genre over-saturated with WWII stories. This novel was different and got me very excited to read historical fiction again!! The 1910 story follows two men, James Watts and Edward Haywood, on their treacherous and desperate journey together to be the first to conquer the South Pole, while the lover they share, Mrs. Edward Heywood, embarks on an adventure of her own in back in London. Viola gets caught up in the Women’s Suffrage Movement, and decides to use her skill as a photographer and artist to make a bold and controversial public statement about women’s rights. When her husband and her lover return, she must make some very difficult decisions about her future as a wife and an artist that threaten her security and social standing. Her decisions become more complicated when, in the darkroom, she discovers a damning secret from the men’s expedition.

A gripping story about love, devotion, and the quest for power, this journey will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. I highly recommend ordering your copy asap! (A limited number of signed copies are available at Aesop’s Fable)