Join Aesop's Fable this holiday season as we partner with The Pajama Program.

Stop by the shop and donate a new pair of cozy pajamas and we'll match it with a new age appropriate book. You can also purchase a new children's book from us and we'll also match it with a second age appropriate book. Please drop off all donations before December 31.

A good day simply isn’t possible without a good night. That’s why we believe the 24 hour day starts at the most critical time of day: bedtime. Together, we can help close the 24-Hour Good Day Loop for all children.

Pajama Program starts with the tools for a comforting bedtime routine for children from infancy through age 18: cozy pajamas and an inspiring storybook. Our Caregiver Programming provides parents and caregivers with resources and strategies to develop and maintain comforting bedtime routines for those in their care.

We work with our 4,000+ Community Partners, 60+ volunteer Chapter Presidents, and our lead Pajama and Book Partners, to distribute pajamas and books to children facing uncertainty in every state. For more about the The Pajama Program, you can visit, or follow them on  on Facebook Social Icon Twitter Social Icon