The Secret Gate by Mitchell Zuckoff

June 1, 2023 (by Aesop)

An autographed First Edition of The Secret Gate by Mitchell Zuckoff is our pick for the perfect Father’s Day Gift!

A thrilling read about the true story of the evacuation of Homeira Qaderi from Afghanistan as the country fell to the Taliban in August, 2021. Homeira, a celebrated author and champion of women’s liberation, had achieved celebrity status in her country after winning a public and contentious custody battle.  She was targeted by the Taliban and feared for her life and that of her 8 year old son and was forced to flee her homeland as part of the U.S. controlled evacuation. We saw glimpses on tv of the chaos that followed at the Kabul Airport but that was nowhere near the full picture and Zuckoff takes us right to the center of the action to witness what those ten days actually looked like. Luckily for Homeira, Sam Aronson, an off-duty political officer was called in to help evacuate the remaining Americans by use of a secret entrance.  On the last day, Homeira’s literary agent contacted Aronson and persuaded him to help her escape.  What happens next will keep you on the edge of your seat.  An unbelievable story of desperation, turmoil, risk and hope.