Battleship Outer Space
Battleship Outer Space

Battleship Outer Space

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It's a 3D battle for the universe! The Battleship Outer Space 2-player board game presents a head-to-head battle on 3 layers. In this twist on classic Battleship gameplay, players search for the enemy's fleet of spaceships and vaporize them one by one. Each player sets up their 5 spaceships anywhere on their 3 sectors. Opponents hunt them down by calling out the sector, and an entire row or column. Who can find and vaporize all of the opponent's spaceships to win the game? This strategy game for kids makes a great holiday present or birthday gift for kids ages 7 and up, and is an easy choice for a rainy day activity or playdate.

  • STRATEGY GAME FOR KIDS: The classic game of combat brings together competition, strategy, and excitement! In this edition of the Battleship game players go head-to-head on 3D platforms
  • 3D BOARD GAME: The Battleship Outer Space board game features a fleet of 5 spaceships instead of naval ships: Dueler, Tricorn Fighter, Celestial Crawler, Rocket Raider, and the mighty Quadron
  • THE ENEMY IS HIDING: The enemy is hiding out in 3 different sectors. Who can destroy them? Players set up their ships on the 3 stacked grids
  • PREPARE FOR BATTLE: Players call out a sector and a row or column to make their hits. If their opponent's spaceships occupy any part of that location it's a hit and gets a red peg
  • VAPORIZE SPACESHIPS: Once a spaceship's location is completely detected, the owner of that ship announces which one of their spaceships was vaporized. Get all 5 spaceships in their fleet to win the game