Pie in the Sky by Remy Lai

October 1, 2020 (by Cam age 11)


Jingwen is eleven years old and has just moved to Australia - he feels like he is on Mars because everything is so different and he doesn't speak English. He is sad because his dad died before they moved and he misses him. He also misses his grandparents and is having trouble in school and can't make friends easily. To make things worse, he has to take care of his annoying, little brother every day while his mom goes to work. The only thing that makes him happy is baking all the fancy cakes he and his dad talked about - his dad had planned to open the Pie in the Sky Bakery when they moved to Australia.

The book is part graphic novel and part regular book. I really liked the pictures a lot. The book is really funny and a little sad. It was good to read at the beginning of the school year since I was starting a new school and was nervous about meeting new kids. It helped me understand that probably everyone else was a little scared too. I recommend this book to any kid 3rd grade or older. I think both boys and girls would like it and anyone who likes to bake would love it! Also, it would be good for anyone who likes graphic novels but I don't usually like graphic novels and I really liked this book so I think it is a good mix.