Welcome to Aesop’s Family Book Club where our goal is to bring families together to discuss meaningful books and help foster a love of reading for everyone.

Our fall selections are Fast Girls by Elise Hooper and Unbeatable Betty by Alison Crotzer Kimmel. 

These books tell the fascinating story of Betty Robinson, the first woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal in Track and Field. She is also known as "the girl who came back from the dead" to win a second Olympic Gold Medal eight years later. Sound intriguing? Wait until you read the whole story.

 Read the books together as a family and then join us where we'll meet with both Allison and Elise along with Betty Robinson's granddaughter, Holliston resident and teacher Brook Doire!

Our fall discussion is set for Thursday, October 22 at 6pm.  We ask that you register online so that we can set up the space to fit everyone.


 The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy.