Skunk and Badger by Amy Timberlake (illustrated by Jon Klassen)

March 1, 2021 (by Aesop)


Recommended family read aloud!!! This book was hilarious, warm, sweet and layered. Think the Odd Couple for kids. Badger is a fastidious rock collector and skunk is... well, he’s a skunk and really who wants to live with a skunk? But Badger finds himself enjoying their conversations and meals and slowly a friendship grows. After Badger gets accidentally sprayed, tempers flare, mean words are spoken, and Skunk moves out. Badger quickly realizes that he misses Skunk (maybe even needs him). He sees how unconscious prejudices and stereotypes have hurt his friend and he sets out to rectify his missteps. A great book for a family read aloud as it is appropriate and will appeal to all ages (including parents!). An added bonus is the illustrations by Jon Klassen (one of our favorite illustrators). And we couldn’t be more excited that this is the start of a series so more Skunk and Badger antics await!