Colorbrain: Disney Edition
Colorbrain: Disney Edition
Colorbrain: Disney Edition

Colorbrain: Disney Edition

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Get ready for a Disney board game that’ll test your magical mastery in all sorts of colorful ways. This is a quiz game for kids with two wonderful twists. The first is that we’ve given you all the answers before you start. The second is that they’re all colors! Disney Colorbrain is the latest sequel to the family board game Colorbrain. Just like it’s bigger brother, it’s filled with questions that can only be answered by colors. Except this time, they’re all about the Disney classics you know and love, and it’s a game that’s suitable for ages 8 and up. Each player holds onto 11 Color Cards throughout the game and must use them to answer one of 250 crafty questions. From “What color are the buttons on Buzz Lightyear’s chest” to “What color is Timon’s hair”, players must answer with the right colors if they want a chance of winning some points and taking the lead With questions that cover over 20 different classics, this is a Disney board game for families of all ages. There are Beauty and the Beast brainteasers, Ratatouille riddles, and a load of Color Capture Cards that can help turn the tides at the last minute. So, if you’re looking for a board game for families that gets hearts racing and players laughing, then look no further – Disney Colorbrain is here to give you your happily ever after.
  • Test your Disney know-how: can you remember the color of Princess elsa’s eyes in frozen? How about the color of woody’s vest in toy story?
  • A rainbow in your hands: in this Disney board game, all the questions can be answered with one (or more) of the 11 color cards in your hand.
  • Who will live happily ever after: put down the right color and wait for the other teams to slip up. The first team to score ten points are the winners!
  • From Peter pan to pumba: includes 250 questions from over 20 Disney films. So, whether you're a Mulan master or a Hercules hotshot, there's something for everyone.
  • 44 color cards, 250 question cards, 4 color capture cards, scorepad, instructions
  • A board game for the whole family: works with anywhere between 2-20 players and can be played by ages 8 and up.