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Panda Rollers - The Game Of Color-Matching Panda-Monium!

Panda Rollers - The Game Of Color-Matching Panda-Monium!

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Panda shake! Panda match! Shake the dice and race to be the first player to match your panda cards to the colors of the dice shown. Collect bamboo tiles with each win and use your good fortune to keep shaking and matching until all the tiles are gone. The little panda with the most tiles at the end of the game wins!

Includes 4 sets of panda face cards (12 in each set), 1 panda dice shaker, 16 reward tiles, and game guideContents include: Game Board, 1 Barn Pop-Up Piece, 2 Fence Pop-Up Pieces, 48 Baby Animal Tokens, 4 Stands, Spinner, Instructions

  • Visual discrimination and matching game for preschoolers
  • All-play play pattern perfect for 2-4 players
  • The player with the most reward tiles wins
  • Ages 3-5