The Case Of The Silk King (Choose Your Own Adventure #14)

The Case Of The Silk King (Choose Your Own Adventure #14)

Gilligan, Shannon
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The Case of the Silk King by Shannon Gilligan takes YOU on a thrilling adventure as you investigate the mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson.

Written from the second-person point of view, the reader is a famous young detective searching for a well-known intelligence agent who has mysteriously gone missing, and must choose what happens next in the story:
If you go to the train station and try to take a boat to higher ground, turn to page 109.
If you try to get across the flood plain on foot, turn to page 104.

You are a skilled young detective. An anonymous source taps you to investigate the disappearance of Jim Thompson, an American intelligence agent that went missing while visiting friends in Malaysia. When you touch down in Asia, you realize that you are not the only one on the case. Was Jim Thompson kidnapped? Will you be next? How far will you go to solve the mystery?

Middle grade readers will explore Asia in a thrilling detective-style adventure, learn about the infamous disappearance of Jim Thompson and the mystery behind his story, all while having fun reading and choosing.

  • Age Range: 8 - 12 years
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Chooseco (May 1, 2016)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1933390147