We Are Family

We Are Family

James, Lebron
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We Are Family is an inspiring, original middle grade novel by NBA superstar LeBron James and acclaimed author Andrea Williams that follows five new friends as they band together to save their basketball season and prove that sometimes getting a chance is all it takes. 

Jayden Carr has been training all summer to be ready for Hoop Group—the free, after-school basketball program where his hero, NBA superstar Kendrick King, got his start. But when his beloved coach tells him there’s not going to be a Hoop Group this year—and maybe ever again — Jayden is heartbroken. And he’s not the only one. Coach Beck’s daughter, Tamika, was planning to be the first girl ever to start for the squad. Chris King, Kendrick’s only nephew, spent the summer bragging that his uncle was coming home just to watch him play. For Anthony Pierson, Hoop Group was supposed to be his way out of trouble. And for Dexter Donyel, all 4’6” of him, Hoop Group was his chance to finally be part of a team, instead of just watching from the stands.

For each kid, Hoop Group was more than just a chance to ball; it was an escape, a dream, a family. Now their prospects seem all but impossible – but then the world hasn’t met Jayden, Tamika, Chris, Anthony, and Dex before. Determined to have their shot, the five new friends scrap, hustle, fight, and play hard to save their season to prove that sometimes a chance is all it takes.  

It’s an inspiring, original middle grade story from NBA superstar LeBron James and acclaimed author Andrea Williams that channels the many relatable challenges so many young kids face.

The first step to winning is getting out on the court.       

  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins (August 31, 2021)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0062971098