The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

March 1, 2021 (by Leah)

Kate Quinn has done it again! This time, she takes us to the famous Bletchley Park and focuses on three very different women, who come together to crack codes and decipher messages for the British Army. The story switches between 1940 wartime and 1947 post-war as the reader comes to understand what could have torn these three unlikely but inseparable friends apart and what secrets still lurk within the spy network.

If you enjoy historical fiction, Quinn is a master at weaving in lots of actual events and interesting facts while inventing rich and relatable characters. Mystery, intrigue and espionage make it a riveting read but ultimately you will be left feeling inspired by the strength of spirit and resilience of these women and the power of friendship to hold us up.

As a bonus, fans of Lewis Carroll will delight in the Alice in Wonderland references that run throughout.

A perfect read for Women's History month!