Brains On! Presents...It's Alive

Brains On! Presents...It's Alive

Bloom, Molly
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The creators of the award-winning science podcast for kids, Brains On!, present a humorous, fact- and fun-filled look at life on Earth -- from deep sea creatures and carnivorous plants to the human body and stinky bacteria. Perfect for STEM fans!

Did you ever wonder why jellyfish sting? Or if trees communicate with each other? How about why you can't tickle yourself?

Well hold on to your noggins, because you're about to find out!

Join the creators of the award-winning science podcast Brains On! as they explore the uber-awesome and sometimes gross world of biology -- aka the study of living things. Inside these pages, you'll meet animals with superpowers, plants that eat meat, brains that trick you, and tiny microbes that live, well . . . all over you.

Packed with mind-boggling facts and laugh-out-loud jokes, this book promises a brain-bending, jaw-dropping, belly-laughing good time as readers watch the world around them come ALIVE!
  • Age Range: 8 - 12 years
  • Hardcover: 160 pages
  • Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (September 8, 2020)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0316428293