The Night Swim by Megan Goldin


September 1, 2020 (by Tara Repucci)

There’s so much to enjoy about this book, but let’s start with the fact that it is two well-crafted mysteries (a generation apart) with expert pace, sustained tension and courtroom drama. There are plenty of twists and surprises too, all the way to the last nail-biting moments before the cases are solved. Read this when you are in the mood for Nancy Drew if she were born 100 years later and started her own crime podcast. It is The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line (Veronica Mars #1) by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham meets The Firm by John Grisham.

Best paired with a crab burger, chips, a side of salad, and an artfully presented sliced avocado with a squeeze of lime.

Thank you Aesop’s Fable and for the free listening copy in exchange for an honest review. Bailey Carr, January LaVoy and Samantha Desz narrate the audiobook, and I couldn’t have asked for a better performance

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