Alcatraz - Break In!
Alcatraz - Break In!
Alcatraz - Break In!

Alcatraz - Break In!

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An entertaining and immersive experience!

It’s a collaborative experience unlike any other—and it begins the moment you lift the lid off of the game box. Inside, you will see a 3D shape with graphics representing the area you are trying to break into. Read your instructions and then begin looking for clues to solve puzzles! Soon, you will be told to open the game board and unfold it, expanding your board and revealing the next layer of puzzles you have to explore to uncover clues that will lead you further inside! Along the way, you see wonderful sites, meet interesting characters, and do amazing things! The final puzzle leads you to your goal, and then you must escape!

  • The night of June 11, 1962 marks the only successful break out from Alcatraz. No one has ever figured out how these men made their way off the island. But no one ever knew their secret: There was an outside man.
  • You are the “outside man” breaking into Alcatraz to help a few of your buddies escape the inescapable prison!
  • Solve puzzles to peel back layers of the game board to get deep inside the facility, and then back out!
  • The thrill and challenge of an escape room meets the experience and world-immersion of a movie!